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Movies that please me, for a variety of reasons:

The Secret of Roan Inish   Into The West   Princess Caraboo   Pride & Prejudice   Across The Universe   Frida   The Blind Side   The Count of Monte Cristo   O Lucky Man!   All That Jazz   Funny Bones   The Hudsucker Proxy   Harold and Maude   Blow Dry   Brazil   12 Monkeys   Firefly Complete Series   Stardust   Galaxy Quest   Dark City   Rough Magic   Big Trouble In Little China   Big Trouble   Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves   The Aviator   Somewhere In Time   The Tempest   Twelfth Night   This Is Spinal Tap   Still Crazy   Almost Famous   Alien Anthology   Terminator 2   La Femme Nikita   Flatliners   Sherlock, Season 1   Sherlock, Season 2   Sherlock, Season 3   Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus  

A Few Favorite Animated Movies *love*

Snow White   Gulliver's Travels   Dumbo   Yellow Submarine   Mulan   101 Dalmatians   Tangled   The Iron Giant   Up   The Incredibles   Finding Nemo   Monsters, Inc.   Ratatouille   Ice Age   A Bug's Life   Toy Story 3   Toy Story 2  
(be sure to check out all the books on my Niños page)

Free Kindle Reading Apps   Bonhoeffer by Metaxas   The Company They Keep   Hide Me Among The Graves   Silent God   The Chronicles of Narnia Recorded Set   Til We Have Faces   The Hobbit   Lord of The Rings single volume boxed set   Declare   Three Days To Never   The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who   Strange Piece of Paradise   Earth Sheltered Houses   Earthbag Building   Natural Swimming Pools   Water Storage   $50 and Up Underground House Book  
And on a more sercon note:
The Brief Against Obama   Still The Best Hope   Obama's Globe   The New Leviathan   The Road To Freedom   Hostile Takeover   The World At War   America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It   After America: Get Ready for Armageddon    
The Bigger the Government, the Smaller the People  
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Last Updated June 16, 2015
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