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A Few of My Favorite Links
...these are a few of
My Favorite Links:

St Jude's Anglican Church
In 1994 in a very broken state I walked into St Jude's in Burbank and God said, "you're home." It's been a place of tremendous growth, healing, fellowship, blessing and opportunity and, even though I've moved from Altadena to Escondido, I still visit quarterly. Check out my new church!
The Mythopoeic Society
A delightful gathering of folks from a wide range of professions & disciplines who enjoy J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams, as well as the genres of Myth and Fantasy.  Annual conferences, local discussion groups, online discussion. The Mythopoeic Press publishes some very interesting books. Check it out.

The Tolkien Society
If you're in the UK (or Europe, for that matter) and you're a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, this is the group for you!

BigBlondeBlog and Too Marvelous For Me
Yeah, yeah, yeah - I'm blogging. It's fun, tho' infrequent. Also on Book of Face.

Reading and Watching
Some recommendations for what to do while alone on a dark and stormy night...

This is my home page when I go online; I love this site. Search tools using a large selection of translations and my fave: look up words in Hebrew or Greek and examine every other time that same word is used in scripture. I also put together a page about my mother's Bible Alive Aloud project and other approaches to reading scripture.

Mystery Maudlin
G'wan, click it, I dare you...

Sunrider makes great tea
...and herbs, skin care, make-up, etc.

International Dietary Comparison

Last Updated April 22, 2016
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